Digital library is one of the most important structural units of the Institute and is the main center of information service for users.

The structure of the Digital library includes the Department of acquisition and scientific and technical processing of literature, as well as user service points:

  1. Department of acquisition, scientific and technical processing of literature and cataloguing.

The Department is engaged in the planned acquisition of library funds in accordance with state standards. Organizes electronic, alphabetical and systematic catalogs. The electronic catalogue is based on the system of automation of library processes “IRBIS”. The system “IRBIS” includes databases:
– DB Test library
– DB Catalogue of books in the Kazakh language
– DB Catalog of books in English
– DB Electronic media
The Department keeps records of funds in the traditional and automated mode. Performs scientific and technical processing of incoming literature.

2. Departments of service and storage of funds (subscriptions in the state and Russian languages, reading room).

The task of service departments is to promptly and fully meet the information needs of users by providing documents. Departments promote educational and scientific literature on the profile of the University, through book exhibitions, presentations, literary evenings, reading conferences, etc.; educate information culture of students, instilling skills in the library on the basis of modern technologies; carry out work on the elimination of reader debt; organize accounting, placement, storage mode and restoration of the fund.

3. Hall of Electronic information resources

EIR hall provides users with the entire array of electronic information resources available in the library of RII for free self-use (more than 17 thousand electronic resources). The University signed an agreement with JSC “national center of scientific and technical information”, which provides access services:

– to scientific electronic publications Thomson Reuters posted on the web of Knowledge platform.
– to electronic full-text resources of Springer customer service Center database of Springer in on-line mode.

The annual conclusion of the agreement with the Republican interuniversity electronic library (RMEB) allows the user to search for information in the databases of the electronic library by author, title, language, keyword, academic disciplines and other search elements. The user can view, study electronic publications and then download to their own media.